Mixing and mastering


Mixing, Mastering and Recording Engineer.

Christoffer was trusted to take my album, a 10 year bucket list goal and make it sound awesome, AND HE DID!! No one other than myself touched this work so you can imagine my joy when Christoffer sent through the first mixes. He was blisteringly fast at his work, responsive, friendly and followed instructions and changes diligently. Given he lives in Sweden and I'm in Australia, the time difference wasn't even a barrier for us. Christoffer, you're a legend mate! Thank you!!
The Jaded Realm
Christoffer nailed my mix with his mastering prowess almost instantly, and with almost no adjustments needed. I was like, "This is impossible, I need to criticise at least something.., ." But Christoffer made it happen, and I wasn't dreaming. Salute.
I sent my song in not knowing what to expect, but when he sent me the first mix I was extremely pleased. The drums are really tight and punchy, the bass is perfectly seated, and the guitars sound exactly the way I wanted. He really made my song come to life and I am really grateful for that. Chris knows his stuff and I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future.
Brian McCall
Chris is very professional. He has a thing with frequencies and delivered mixes that were big and clean. He was also open to different ways of cooperation as long as the desired end result could be achieved. Not only that, he was efficient, patient, and neat, and tried to attend to our needs with every revision. Through the process of working with him, what impressed us the most, however, was his genuine passion for music that could be felt even by just communicating remotely. Thank you!
Cloudy Clouzy
Christoffer has made our mixes punchy and big as noted and very patient! Highly recommended and will work with him in the future!
Ronan W
We had some songs to mix and master and we've chosen Cristoffer to work on our release. Now, when the work is done, I can confidentely say that it was the right decision. Christoffer is a true professional. He works pretty fast and it doesn't affect on the quality of his work. The process was well-organised from the strart. Chris helped us with choosing of the best sound and was incredibly patient and polite working on the mixes. Final mixes are incredible! Thank you, Christoffer! Thank you!
Kill City Kills
Great engineer, absolutely recommended. I will work with him again for sure!
Geometry of Chaos
Chris is very fast and does a highly professional job. He was easy to work with, listened to our suggestions (even when we were crazy or contradictory) and worked his ass off to deliver. Highly recommended!
I just finished working with Christoffer for the first time and I could not be happier! He was extremely helpful,friendly and talented. I am new to recording and he helped me through all the steps and made things as easy as possible for me. The end result was a song 10 times bigger and better than what I gave him. Chris is a genius and I highly recommend working with him! I look forward to working with him again.
Christoffer is just amazing I strongly recommend him because of his professionality and taste He's not only a top-class sound engineer but also a musician himself, and this is a plus for bands I will surely spread his name around
Fil Di Ferro
Look Christoffer is a great engineer that is no doubt. Our song was rescued and made to sound great so we have Christoffer to thank for that...BUT wait that's not all...He is such a stand up, down to earth dude that we are sending all the other songs of our EP to him too! Proof that he's good.
Christoffer did a great job with mixing and mastering, creating a cohesive, powerful sound, just as requested. He was also very responsive to messages and the work was completed very quickly. We are very happy! 🙂
Girl Gone Bad
Thanks for making these tracks sound so big and balanced!